How to make a swimsac

Soon, perhaps, swimsacs will be available to buy. But in the meantime, why not make your own?

You will need:
* a rucksack with sidepockets
* a drybag (waterproof roll top bag)
* a child’s inflatable armband (waterwing)
* some extra strapping

*Cut the armband in half and put one half in each pocket of the rucksack.
*Add strapping to enable you to strap the bag at the waist and at the chest, below the shoulders. (Some
rucksacks already have both a waist strap and
chest strap in place.)
* Put the drybag in the rucksack.

You are now ready to set off!

A swimsac is the best method of combining swimming and hiking because on land you have a fully functioning rucksack and in the water you are not dragging anything, and your arms are free to use any stroke. However, it is not the only way to go swimhiking. Some people push or tow a dinghy through the water, or hold on to a waterproof bag of some kind. In the fast flowing current where you do not need to swim, you can use a ‘wickelfisch’.

More information on making and using a swimsac is available in Swimhiking in the Lake District and North East England


Swimhiking in the Wharfe with homemade swimsacs

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